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tv   Headline News  RT  August 18, 2014 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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a visibly frail julian assange says he's ready to leave his refuge in london but his supporters say only when please lift a multi-million two year old blockade and guarantee him safe passage. to. the us solvable all fergusson becomes an even more militarized as the national guard is deployed to help heavily armed police tackle protesters i'll drake the shooting of a teen by an officer. and the first russian truss carrying humanitarian aid are at the ukrainian border checkpoint ready to go but with little progress made towards
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a cease fire and it's heading into an area of chaos and violence. from moscow welcome majority international you're with me tom i'm with dave good to have you with us after spending more than two years trapped in a tiny embassy room we keep leaks founder julian assange has made a sudden announcement. that there is. no. right. well joining us on the left all day was how exactly he's planning to do that there were somewhat cryptic hints on his part a boy who was at the news conference for us. well we probably haven't had this big
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a crowd outside london's ecuadorian embassy since julian assange first saw refuge here two years ago but the press is here because of reports that he's suffering from ill health and that emerging from the embassy today to give himself up to british police he's now this sunday no shortage of at least waiting to grab him in case he should make an appearance he would be extradited to sweden ways wanted for questioning and he's away said that he fears that he'd then be sent on to the us where he's been investigated for over four years now for publishing u.s. diplomatic cables back in two thousand and ten now i was just in a very small press conference with julian assange and ricardo patino ecuador's foreign minister inside the embassy and in response to the question that's gripping all the press outside as to whether he's leaving today well he said very cryptically that he is planning on leaving very soon but not for the reasons that
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the press is reporting i asked him about his health as well and reports that he's going to fornicate lung condition in a dangerous on condition and he didn't reply specifically about the conditions but he said that he is suffering as a result of spending two years inside the embassy has no garden so he's not able to go outside to catch any sunlight or get any fresh air and he said that in the four years that he's been in the running man here in britain since he was first arrested when he was in prison in solitary confinement he did get an hour a day outside he doesn't get that now but from the press conference or caught it in here is talking about needing to get to a diplomatic and legal breakthrough with the british royal for a he's trying to secure safe passage to julian assange to go to ecuador or to return that extradition request now at the end of the press conference i can say that i saw at. jorian foreign minister protecting you leave the embassy and i saw
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julian assange go back to his forces inside the embassy but for now we're outside and we're waiting in case he should make an appearance pushing from london and probably avoid. lunch we can leaks in two thousand and six a dedicating of the project to making the trip public in two thousand and ten the website person a trove of highly embarrassing documents mainly u.s. diplomatic memos and war files now that same year sweden issued an arrest warrant for an alleged sexual assault which he denied in two thousand and eleven a london court approved his extradition to sweden he tried to appeal but that didn't work so he fled to the ecuadorian embassy in june of twenty twelve and asked for political asylum within two months ecuador granted him asylum he's remained in the embassy since unable to leave later the report also was just being holed up there has led to him developing significant health problems that could even be life
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threatening for more perspective on what a son to had to say and why he said it let's talk to someone who knows him personally joining me is government fayed and director of the center for investigative journalism thank you for being with us mr mcquade and why did julian a son make this announcement that he if he isn't leaving yet rather. i think the reason is is fairly clear legally what's happened here which hasn't been widely reported but is certainly in print is that the law has changed regarding the european arrest warrant the law is changed in the sense that no want no one now in britain can be extradited against their will to a country without being charged and of course as everybody knows what's significant about julian assange has difficulties is that he's never been charged either in sweden by anyone that there are allegations of there but no charges nobody's ever
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put anything to him in a court that he could refute or argue against or even see the evidence so he's not been able to do any of that and he's also not been able to do that in america where the trial against him is in the form of a grand jury secret unpublicized grand jury that's been meeting for three years at a cost of millions of dollars and there's been no evidence there of any kind that would result in charges so one charge he's been subjected to these conditions for a rather a long time you know many will say that was this perhaps just a playful media attention. no i don't think so i think that they're all exhausted it's been a very trying period for them julian isn't particularly well and i think that the subtleties of the question may have not of come out in the white way today but there certainly wasn't a play for media attention because the the issue of his leaving is very serious is very in a very important issue and it certainly obsesses everyone who knows anything about
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the case his lawyers and everybody else so i don't think it was that at all i think the issue was has to be said clearly which is that the laws change julian in fact to be held as he is now is actually against that law and the lawyers are quite all alive to that so i think that we're going to see some important changes in the weeks ahead liz i faded away you know julian assange to personally what sort of toll has the last two years taken on him personally well it's very difficult affectively being locked in a room knowing that if you stepped outside the terrible things would happen to you and there's no sunlight no fresh air it's a difficult place i mean the the embassy itself is a warm and friendly place but but the rooms are cramped and crowded there's no sunlight there's no fresh air except it's not a great place to spend a month and a lot alone two years that's a long long time and i think it bears on you and i think there's also the worry
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that should he become seriously ill which obviously we hope he never does he'd have to leave the embassy to get medical care in which case he'd be arrested and put on a plane immediately somewhere so it's a it's a very tricky situation for him and very trying i think emotionally and putting physically in every important way i mean is there's a human rights issue here. you know julian is speaking of human rights student of songs a prominent presence within we can leak says the founder and releasing some of the most important documents in terms of what happened in with american the wall do you think that having spent two years locked up coming out will he still have the will to continue with his work with weekly oh sure i don't have any doubt of that all the places a hive of activity all the time it may not be a helpful place but people are working around the clock all the time and he's got a book coming out soon there's more work on the way there are films being shot lots
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of documentaries being made articles being read and translated as well as the ongoing wiki leaks work of publishing new documents that goes on unabated so i don't know work has never stopped it's been as intensive now as the day ended almost given mcfayden who is the director at the center for investigative journalism and also a personal friend of julian assange thank you very much for your time thank you. the national guard is being deployed in the u.s. sub up of ferguson where the standoff between security forces and protesters has reached new levels of violence. wrongs of tear gas against protesters rallying the killing of a black teenager by an officer last week here in the forces they were responding to
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monitor of cocktails being thrown at them a curfew has come into effect for second night following more than a week of demonstrations which are now calling for the police to stop their crackdown on peaceful protests it is an associate reports from the city. but it will now would have been hard to imagine a moment where we would have to report in helmets from the streets of missouri earlier just hours ago complete mayhem and chaos was already unraveling on the streets police were firing tear gas at protesters l. rods were being used we know that at least one person was injured really may have on the ground people with children fell victim to the tear gas being used we know that or a woman in a chill in a wheelchair was trying to speed away from the scene and just really really hectic heavily militarized police for the second night of curfew here night after night this is exactly a week now since clashes began here between protesters and police after the death of unarmed eighteen year old michael brown because of multiple shots fired bullets
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by a police officer the community has been coming out on to the streets demanding accountability and justice they have not seen many answers if any at all to the deaths that took place and they're continuing to come out onto the streets to demand that the eighteen year old victim was shot at least six times four bullets hit his right arm and two hit his head proving fatal that's the conclusion of a preliminary autopsy the doctor that examined the body concluded all the bullets were fired at the team from a distance and it was the heavy handed approach that caused so much public anger. i saw protesters in the streets at the hands of. the gun shoot and police just you know made you want to move in circling the protesters they started with you it's hard to raise a kid in a world like this where you have to worry about because most protect you and the people in this community has been our normal thing for police to be just. to take
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advantage of situations. taking to the streets to demand justice is proving a risk for demonstrators who are facing police and military equipment gas marts protect officers from the damaging effects of the tear gas they're launching against protesters military grade weapons a smoke and stun grenades complete the look officers are supported by armored vehicles that were used during the iraq and afghan campaigns dr mark mason an activist from the occupy movement is worried about the militarization of the police . what we have now on the streets these are not police these are paramilitary troops you go to central america and you're going to find the same thing i cannot over emphasize that i am old enough to see a very very frightening transition in the united states where the militarization of the police is
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a movement by. the owners of this country the last year alone in two thousand and thirteen one year the u.s. pentagon donated more than four hundred million dollars almost a half a billion dollars of military grade equipment to police departments in the united states that's one year alone almost half a billion dollars of material they are not trained to use this material they don't know what they're doing with it and we should not have paramilitary troops not on the streets ferguson and not in the streets of central america either this is clear violent state suppression of dissent. the first almost three hundred russian trucks a destined for eastern ukraine either border checkpoint awaiting to be let through it took three days numerous hurdles and a great deal of uncertainty for kip to finally accept that the convoy was indeed carrying only humanitarian aid before the vehicles under the very last inspection
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maria for national went to see what's inside them. these sixteen tracks from the russian humanitarian convoy other first to reach the russian ukrainian border they are now parked here literally meters away from donetsk is right in a border checkpoint you know today the cargo these trucks are carrying has only been inspected by the representatives of the international red cross and now we're going to do the same i'm going to pick up the truck and really it's going to open it for us. military to see here. because about the last. reason we're simply carrying it. wasn't going well book wait
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it's buckwheat and their bags are just in case anyone suspects it's guns and you know something else like weapons of mass destruction. it is tells me that each bag is fifty kilograms and there are one hundred sixty bags here which means a tool to old. eight tongs and this is he tells me the maximum of what they struck can carry where these trucks are now ready to cross the border to deliver its humanitarian cargo to those in eastern ukraine who are in desperate need the driver as we have been able to speak to here told me that there will be two more inspections at the checkpoint from the russian and from the ukrainian side and after that security will be the major challenge for these tracks as the convoy is supposed to travel through regions in eastern ukraine where clashes are still continuing resolution r.t. russian here kryten border. the ukrainian media reporting that
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a refugee column has come under fire outside new ganske ukrainian military officials say it self defense forces are behind the attack which resulted in a large number of casualties no evidence has been provided yet now we spoke to a leader of the anti-government force. this road they're talking about is being shelled from rocket launchers all the time and the reason the army's bombing is because it's our road of life it's being used to deliver humanitarian aid to the city and it's the exit for the refugees who are fleeing to russia so this rule has been under fire for more than a month now and i myself was once caught in the shelling our weapons are facing the opposite direction with our backs to the road because we're defending it there's no way we could afford it. they are going to national guard says they have had twenty five skirmishes with any government forces over the past twenty four hours his forces want to serve a connections between the two largest city in the is didn't ask and lugansk in
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order to do so they're trying to take control of dozens of small villages on the road connecting to them now here in musings and government of fighters destroyed a rocket launcher the army uses to shell the area and over here. it also came under fire many houses they were burned arguably the most important town is a mike which is because of its proximity to. it's basically as close as you can get to the city without being in the city itself fighting there continues day and night and half of the town has been badly damaged. in the army if the army succeeds deniro school will be completely blocked from the only humanitarian corridor left the city's authorities have already warned people that the water supply is being cut off there's no electricity in many districts and deliveries of food and drink water arrive only every few days on top of that bombs and rockets
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rained down killing dozens and destroying what little people have. made while a kid has offered little help in the search for a russian photographer who has been missing in ukraine for two weeks now the interior ministry now says it doesn't want to be bombarded with questions about andrea stand in although about two weeks ago it did issue a search warrant and accuse and government forces of holding him before that ukrainian authorities briefly admitted they had him before backtracking sent in disappeared on august the fifth in eastern ukraine where he was covering the military crackdown on the region you've got all the details on our website at r.t. dot com. when you see coming after the break.
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play. play play. play play. play play. play. play. play play. play. play. cross top rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. those who want to get involved to stop isis in iraq are allied with isis in syria
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we still should be doing everything we can to support the free syrian opposition we will continue to provide military assistance and advice to the iraqi government and kurdish forces as they battle these terrorists played . in gaza people have used the last day of a temporary ceasefire to call on israel not to renew its military offensive but as a truce is expected to expire later today it's the fear the bloodshed will begin again a trial the muslim conflict has claimed more than two thousand palestinian lives with many of us left with physical and mental scars paraphilia is in gaza for r.t. i met one man who is a literally been left. the last directly from the northern west bank is still
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unable to speak properly or move his legs following twenty eight days of israeli detention the thirty year old was returning home having attended a job interviews in the united arab emirates when he was arrested at the crossing point between jordan and the west bank which is in part controlled by israel has almost a month later he was released into palestinian jurisdiction in a critical condition with his medical records withheld doctors say when he arrived at the hospital he was rigid unable to move his wife says he could move nothing by his eyes and appeared to be dead or a kid i was here early freight for him his the type who can't handle insult and humiliation and you must have been a very difficult experience for him he's an extremely sensitive person and he does not accept in subtle humiliation. a high flying computer engineer who was apparently a normal healthy until his arrest doctors say he was injected with unknown substances that shocked his system sending him into
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a comatose state and then the patient was given medicine it during his detention which are known to us here obviously notice remember the hospital presenting symptoms of stroke and he was shaking his lawyer says israel claimed he was a member of hamas and supported the movement something his father vehemently denies . and i know my son he doesn't. remember of any association even but even how much he was happy even anybody and he just seeing these years and he just good with his home with his family with his war with his job until a few days ago was mute and unconscious now able to mumble words he took hours to tell his father he did allegedly undergone harsh treatment forced into stress positions and kept in total isolation in what he called a black hole of the i didn't see him i did didn't allow me to see him or.
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her for an israeli human rights. to just mark was subjected to treatment that exceeds israel's own red lines it seems that he was broken psychologically africa did from the atmosphere of detention from where we deal with him no one from the israeli prison service or army was available to respond to these serious accusations but a spokesperson for the defense ministry said no one is ever detained without a security matter connected to them one of the victims neighbors visited him at the hospital he too alleged he been arbitrary targeted at the same crossing ten days ago i was on my way to saudi arabia and they sent me back to the ward well this is another example of the daily abuse and it goes on people are just for there being the palestinians without having committed any crime. investigator abdul karim says
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israel stepped up its policy of restrictions since the beginning of the recent gaza conflict sometimes if you don't get it two hundred to three hundred besson deny access and this is i think a disconnect when it's meant north's case although unusually severe highlights the tight control that israel's army and ministry of defense have of the palestinians freedom of movement both inside and while returning to their own occupied territory the message from palestinians here is that it's not just the blockaded gaza strip that is at the mercy of israel's security apparatus howry fear r.t. the occupied west bank. the u.s. has stepped up its strikes in iraq and making it the largest military operation there since its troops withdrew in two thousand and eleven american warplanes have been targeting jihadists and the hard way allowing kurdish forces to retake control
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of iraq's largest dam this or change again important facilities supplies water and electricity to the north of the country clemons have managed to take over large areas of iraq entire tree and declared a caliphate the new case prime minister david cameron called for a broader response to the threat placed by baseline mixed a group suggesting british military involvement a socialist and expert on the rug sat me around madani says my army and supporting the rebels in neighboring syria britain has infected splurge on the jihadist in iraq this is something. the british government so talk about. whether it started funding. groups said to you over ten. years for about sixty dollars and some estimates iraqis. and within the context of syria. triggers are not available but certainly.
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tens of millions of pounds. to destabilize syria basically told the separatists organization these terrorist organizations were. used by by the west some followers including including britain. most school court has sentenced riyadh to mr up to three and a half years in prison for staging mass unrest during demonstrations in the capital in twenty twelve of fourth was given a suspended sentence and the sentencing was followed by an unsanctioned protest a number of arrests were made after the police set off demonstrators to leave several times rallied to lead violations through parliament repos ended with clashes between security forces and protesters on moscow's arbel of maya square in may twenty twelve. the more headlines around the world this hour while clashes
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between two rival militias have come to live in the into a battlefield leaving the country's weak government with old with no control over tripoli rival we've left this month a day between the key to keeping the data from the rebels who took part in the uprising that they want to see the battle for united nations and western got back a bit diplomats here in libya it flooding into another civil war. here. in london and see if fracking activists have seen previewed themselves to the department of environment they were protesting at a report released last week on the come to virtual drilling technique which had won sixty redactions and made to its campaign is claimed the government is trying to hide the true negative impact on fracking. it we'd love to see i mean back in thirty minutes time to stay with us.
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trust me i like video games you could tell from my physique but they like all media can distort reality in the minds of kids and once we journalist it's something very unusual to step his kids back into the real world journalist karl magnus held in sun seemed almost addicted to the legendary military first person shooter game call of duty so since they like killing people online with guns he decided to take them to the gaza strip to show them what war is all about this real group brought his boys to a refugee camp where they could see injured kids just like themselves getting their wounds to stop they got to see all the blood and tears apparently this in your face method of parenting works and his children have stopped their online war this strategy might sound a little extreme and we're all very expensive i can't afford to fly my family to israel to prove a point but sometimes all the to be smacked in the face with reality as a man there's something attractive about roman. inquests our ranks of musket fire
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and a pulley on a conflict those images are nice but the reality is blood and death and if more kids could have the same experience as a helper and family well we might have less war mongers around but that's just my opinion. well told you my language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports so i'm not pushing the know i will leave them to the state department to comment on your latter point i'm going to say it's secure yet a car is on the docket no going to. take you no more weasel words. when you need a direct question be prepared for a change when you're done you should be ready for a. pretty tough speech a little down the street into costs.